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events in the works fall 2010

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gonna try to schedule a bomb party.

also it be nice to sneak in 1 last camp trip b4 the weathr turns.

we are also going to release a dyno day date soon after a few things get worked out. :coal:

and it is time for a special dinner meet on a week end.

and as always the REGULAR dinner meet is the 3rd wed of each month. :cheer:

and other exciting things will be talked about within a few days.


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we are trying to confirm a bomb party and camp perhaps 2nd w/e october. we also just need to chose a desert camp date in oct.

i know oct is a bad month due to huntin season for some but we just need to do it.

gonna try for a dynoday in nov.

also gonna talk to someone else who MAY be able to host a winter bomb party. i hope.

anybody else who wants to volunteer to host a bomb party that would be great.

which weekend would work for you for a camp brian????

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it is in keeping of subjects of discusion around the BOMB fire......... :bouncy smetimes. :think: not when you are present... and very seldom.









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