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delo 15-40 $850 a gallon @ walmart

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Did anyone get any? I was wondering if it was just this one Walmart or if it was all of them . . . .

I bought like 21 gallons. When I checked out the single gallons I had rang up correctly. The 3 gallon cases rang up at like $31.50 (Instead of $25.50!). Had a 25 min fight at that register until they could get it sorted out. (All they really had to do was ring them up individually! Geez . . . . )

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someone reported wm at garrity had it. i was gonna stock up sun eve but was tuckered from dynoday.. supposed to all of em have it priced the same. gonna calll and confirm whichevr 1 i go to b4 i go....

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I was reminded of this 'sale' while in SLC over the weekend. I decided not to get any there because of their high taxes.

Yesterday I got some here in town. It is still $8.50 a gallon!! I do have to warn you that in two different stores now I have had trouble buying it by the case. My math isn't very good but I know a 3 gallon case should be less than the $31.99 they keep trying to charge me. Yesterday I just asked her to remove the charge for 3 cases (At the $31.99) and I opened one and had her ring up a single gallon jug. $8.50!! Someone has screwed up the pricing in their computers.

If they don't have any out, just ask them to get it out of the back. Both times now in different stores they have had it in the store room.

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thanks for the heads up gary. :cheer:

had to drive to ontario and found they had a big bunch. :thumbup:

got enuff for 3 oil changes


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