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good deal. 97cummins, cvparatrooper, D/UNIT, DAR, ELKSLAYER, millco, MUDDY, Peter C, Sycostang67

i'll be glad when we get this finished up and on the big server and get the word out so the rest of the club can return :thumbup:

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only big enuff for 5 or????? at one time. we can have 100 in a day if staggered.

Is that because of when this site was hacked?

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right now we are on a temp server owned by chad of diesel bombers. it is only set up for a few at a time. our big server that was paid for by us was stolen from us. chad scraped up the remains and installed on his storage server for us to work on.

we bought a bigger server but now need to scrape funds up for some other items [vb stuff] which we paid for before but now is gone. we are also waiting for a smart guy to do the transfer stuff. ;also some glitches things needidng changes that shouldnt have to be done due to being tampered with. [we are finding weird things]

keep in mind that the staff here are diesel guys not comp/web guys so that makes it a slower process. however some of them are picking up on it pretty fast. we are in the process of conversing with some website type guys.

it will happen soon though. longer than expected but soon to be back up.

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GMC gay mans companion??????????

actually the one on the right went to a ricer and the freak mooning everyone went to a psd but drives a crown vic on the job at homedale PD.

hmmmmmmmm. reminds me i been waiting to put up a thread just for chris :lol:

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