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ITD camp trip 4th of july w/e

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Like who!

me and??????????

brian and cammie. right????????

launie and ????????

pete and????????

dick davis and dorrie.

keith anderson and mrs anderson.

forddazlman9191 poissibly.

possibly vaughn????????

and????????? who i 4gettin????????????? :wall: someone else pm'ed me with questions and i cant remembr who.

harold wont cuz no plug ins or paved driveway and a neon sign sayin 'RV PARK'. :wall:


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Wow, I should buy those tires for you! That sounds like a good deal! (Do you have another set? I will have to have some soon for the Mega!)

It's too bad we can't make it up! Sounds like a great time for sure. We will be on our annual family camp out up near Bay Horse. Never been there, so we will see how it is I guess. Of course, if you all are near by; drop in!! Say hi, and we could burn something on the fire for you! If you don't make it by - have fun and we'll see you all at another!!

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We made it back. Had an awesome time up in Bayhorse. Boy, is that a climb. I stopped to clear some limbs on the way up and found out the parking brake wouldn't hold because the hill was soo steep. Yikes!

The truck ran great! We got 9.7 from Twin to Challis. I fueled in Challis and because we then climbed up to Bayhorse we got 8.3 back to Twin. (I wish I could have someone else pull that trailer and see what they get for mileage with it.....)

Found out the spare doesn't fit my trailer..... Seems the factory put in an 8 hole wheel for my trailer and it uses 6 hole wheels..... Glad the bad tire didn't blow on the way home!

How was everyone else' trip? Did you have fun? I thought ours was great: I slept most of the time!! It was great!

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started tuesday, wednesday for the majority and the latecomers arrived sat morn. it went to monday for a bunch, with the most of the rest leaving wednesday and todasy.

11 in attendence.

curtis recieved pics by txt and email but couldnt figger how to post.

weather was beautigful. members ate and drank good and a grt time was had by all :cheer:

more pics to come.







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we are in the process of getting pics ready sine curtis cant do it.

of courrse curtis missed out along with his family.

but the ones lucky enuff to attend were


keith and joanne


pete and deb

dick and dorrie

ron and carol


as hot as it is here wish i was back there. :cheer:

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not as good of time as we had brian.......... unless the lights were out or ya was doin somethin illegal.............. :)

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We had a great time at the Unity campout over the 4th. Beautiful campsite and river. It was a real education watch the creation of killer stew (dinner at 9) and chilie(dinner at 10). Truly elegant European dining hours. Your jalapena chilie was liked by all, except for wimpy Lonnie. Our thank's also to Pete, Lonnie, Dick, and Ron and Carol Houser, our friends from Bend. Hope we can make the next gathering.

Please post this on the site, as I can't seem to decipher it............................bluedodge


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