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launie came over couple nights ago. said he was enjoying obama's new military. no more dont ask dont tell as clinton put in. but now a pack fudge and brag about it style of millitary. OBAMA'S military. comander and cheif. piss on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really feel bad for our good men trying to serve our nation and having to put up with that BS.........

as to millco.................

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come on dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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yeah thats messed up if repeal the dont ask dont tell.. as far as im concerned gay and women should not be fighting for our country... my wife says let em fight and if they die .. oh well

uh launie we wont ask and you dont tell

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Hi all!!.... I just crawled out from under the . . . Well, never mind!

Seriously, I'm still here! Didn't think you could get rid of me that easy did you!! Ha! We have been real busy since we got back from our LONG vacation. I think the only 'one' of us that is real glad to be back is the Mega. (No it doesn't have to tow that heavy a$$ toy hauler around the country!) (I really don't think it likes that trailer! Never would have thought I'd see the trailer a Cummins would hate like that!)

Yeah, our poor military. But then: if you aren't from this country . . . (What a better thing than to cripple our military)?

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amen to that dan :thumbup: he will do all the damage he can. :wall:

anyway glad ya are back on the site so we can visit and plan this thing :cheer:

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