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getting the site back live.

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well guys,,,,,,,,,, even though the site isnt quite ready yet we are getting members here to look already. and posting is ok.

our staffers have done much work to make it resemble a site again and behind the scenes work is taking place to fix all the glitches.

just an early welcome back for you guys who are already returned. :cheer:

we are anxiously awaiting getting back live and many members have voiced their opinions that they want the old site back and have it like it used to be.

we will soon be back up publicly and will remain for the duration, with the site belonging to the club, remaining an IDAHO website, not trying to go national to profit from sponser dollars, and not to be sold off to somebody waving dollars in our faces so one person can make a profit.

as was the idea behind conception of this site in 2006, it was specifically for operation of the IDAHO TURBO DIESELS which was founded in 2002 and the site was to be communication for our club which was designed to unite IDAHO'S DIESEL ENTHUSIASTS which it has succesfully since the start of our club in 2002.

with much thanks to DB and chad for offering us a home while our site was being re-built. :ok:

much thanks in advance to you all for your support. :cheer:

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I'm sure I could get into trouble!! (I usually do!) LOL

I would have to do some studying to do anything very serious. But I learn fast.... I have some ideas for peeps that might be able to help too . . . .

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