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awesome :thumbup:

i need to go and scrutinize the pics and identify each. some are easy and some would be easier with a wide angle lens.

this is my 'hood' from way back. many of the roads traveled by 4WD i either blazed or made well traveled in the mid 70's. ALL the atv trails i blazed in the early to mid 80's. i spent so much time out there and had so friggin much fun. i miss that as it has been years since i was there, and was previously weekly event and sometimes a few eves each week.

obviously beer break canyon. a favors spot for me way back in the 80's and 90's. i named the sites obviously and beer break was named for a reason.

overlooking the valley and above beer break.

above 4 mile canyon and in 4 mile. ya wldve been in 1 mile canyon.

i know where the rio crossing is. the overhead pipe area.

reminded of the sand hill area in the little canyon and the hill climb by the telly lines climbing heading north.

take your rock hammer and erase the grafitti at beer break. al these years i haveent been able to make my trip down ther, enjoy a bev and chip it away if here was some. and it got out of hand the last many years.

thanks for the pics :c:

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