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fuel tank preventative maintainence

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take a look at the vent hose nipple on the top of the tank which sits in a recesion. poor design. water can acumulate on the tank and settle in the indentation letting water intrude into the vent nipple contaminating the fuel in the tank.

chrysler has been known to void warranties on fuel systems where water was present in the fuel. go figure. their stupid design is the reason there is a water intrusion problem.

the solution is to place a hose over the nipple and run down the side of the tank a bit. memory tells me 5/16th. this should only be on the lwb trucks as to my memory the swb do not have the indentation. this is on 3rd gens.

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Good info Muddy!! Chrysler came out with a TSB on this but it was only for the '06 trucks. I don't know why they only did the '06 as I know for a fact that older 3rd gens had the same design on the fuel tank. I also don't like their 'fix'! They only put a 6" long piece of fuel hose on the nipple. I have a much better fix: connect both nipples together (Trust me: It is much better to have both nipples together anyway!!) with a piece of hose and then 'tee' that up to the front left bed pocket. Put an inline fuel filter in the end of the hose up there and that should keep every foreign object out that would do any harm.

I have pics of this on my picasa album. Somewhere I should have a parts list too if anyone would need it. Pretty simple job - can be done without removing the tank and the parts are fairly cheap as well! If I can help, let me know!

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good idea dan. on my 03's i did just a hose with an inline fuel filter. some just use hose alone.

post pics and info :thumbup:

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Ok, I know I have a write up on this somewhere.... We are in the midst of some serious cleaning. I think I will find it.

For now, here is some good pics I put together when I did the last one. I have done several and decided it was time for some good pics to be able to show others how to do their own. It is a simple and straight forward job. Just to do the vents you don't have to remove the tank. If you have to, get a younger, more flexible member of the family to reach in for you to attach the hoses to the tank. If you use 1/4" rubber fuel line I don't think clamps are even needed. It fits nice and tight all on it's own. If you need, spray a little rubbing alcohol on the hose right as you slip it on the hose barbs. This will make the rubber slick and much easier to slide into place.

Here you go the link to my pics on http://picasaweb.google.com/millcosctd/TankRemovalAndImprovedVentInstallation#

Make sure to just yell if you need any help doing this. It is very easy and I would be glad to help you do it. To me it was well worth the effort for the piece of mind knowing that it will be much harder to get dirt and water in my tank from now on.

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