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gauges, downpipe, stacks, Banks Trans command

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Ok i just found out that i have a baby on da way :cheer:. so i need to sell a few extra Ford parts i have.

Have a set of used Autometer C2 gauges, boost, pyro, and trans, all 3 work perfectly and have all the wiring to em. asking $150 OBO

A 4" downpipe for a 99+ Ford Powerstroke, askin $25 OBO, it is used.

a 3 place gauge pod, tan for a 99+ ford superduty. $15 OBO

A Banks Trans Command, i bought it used and paid $200, had it on my Ford for a month before i sold my truck. $150 OBO

I aslo have a Fia winter front, and bug screen for a ford superduty.

i can upload pics of any of the above items if any one is interested

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and i also have a set of 5" Bull hauler stacks, 48" tall, and the pipe that goes in the bed to put them in the bed of a truck. and a 4" inch elbow and a 4" to 3.5" reducer. can add pics if anyone is interested. $350 OBO

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