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2010 Ram HD pics!

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sorry to get sidetracked here, but do ALL '10 diesels have that shite urea injection in em?

It will technically be the 2011 model year, but yes all of them except for the cummins (in the full size truck market) will use urea injection. But, imo, the urea is a better way of going at it than the oversized dpf's that are currently being used. From what I know there will still be dpf's, but not as restrictive with the aid of urea (either way if I get one non of that BS will be in there). My biggest concern is at what temperature the urea would tend to freeze or gel?? That could be a huge problem for the guys up in Alaska or in the Northeast, especially on the 2011 Duramax, when in limp mode is said to limit speed to 5mph!! WTF:td: Hopefully that is a source of wrong information or they forgot to add a "0".

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Actually I found out that Dodge will be going over to Urea injection for the 2011 model year just like everyone else. Lets just hope the egr system will be reworked as well, so its not such a pos for the people running stock.

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Here is an update from Dodge from their original set of pics.


(Still does have all of the above mentioned 'flaws' though . . . . .:poke:

I don't know. Maybe they are growing on me . . . I sure am not sold on the emissions junk on them though! I'm glad any that was on my '06 came off without a hitch!!

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