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New Forum for Employers & Job seekers.

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ITD is offering a forum for those seeking an employee or a employer. It might be for only a day or it might be a full time position. If you need something done, the membership here at ITD is full of talented people who are willing to work!

For those of you looking for employment, post up your skills!

This Forum is not for any business promotions! It is intended only for those seeking and providing employment!!

In these tough economic times if we can help out a ITD brother or sister lets do it!

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this is a great idea!


Maybe all of you could put up a few of the 'talents' you possess or what your needs are so those who have something that matches can contact you. . .

I'll start: I just graduated diesel technology at CSI this summer; so I at least can tell you which tank is supposed to have diesel in it!!

I work full time as an electronics technician so I know a little about computers and such.

I used to sell electrical products to the electricians in our area. I'm not licensed or anything like that; but I know a little of the code and the proper way to do some wiring. I'll put it this way: I work with a guy who claims to be licensed. The little I know about the code and how to do things and from what I have seen him do - I wouldn't let him put CHRISTmas lights on a dog house! (I admit I would like to see him put them on his dog's house!! But that's another story!)

I usually stay busy enough that I can't do much for others; but you can ask away here with your questions if you need and who knows what we will work out after that....... (Been known to work for diesel toys! . . . LOL)

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