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Leaking turbo, which one do I replace it with?

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Ok, the Ford has a leaky turbo, we keep getting blue smoke out the tail pipe while taking off when the engine is cold, and there is oil covering the bottom of the turbo.

I know I can get a seal rebuild kit for it off of E-bay, but, Dad wants to get the truck back on it's feet ASAP when I begin the tear down.

So, I thought I would get a turbo off of E-bay, yank one out, and slap one in (Figuratively speaking). The truck is mainly a grocery getter, and because of this, I was thinking of putting in an hy-35 instead of replacing it with another HX-35. I figured the truck would lite off faster from a stop, and respond better going down the road.

I know this will be sacrificing top end performance; but, there isn't a govenor spring kit in, and the engine still has the stock valve springs. And, I don't think it ever will unless I pay for them. $$$I had a difficult enough time talking Dad into puting in the Cummins in the first place. :wall:

My question is this; will the hy-35 be a detriment to fuel economy due to the smaller exhaust housing, and will there be a performance increase (solo, not towing)?

Specs on the truck:





96 Cummins with a 180 P-pump, 300hp injectors, #10 fuel plate in stock location, Star wheel moved forward a little, high ram intake, 4in exhaust, common rail exhaust manifold ( for better flow) gasket matched on the turbo end, aux overdrive, nv 4500 tranney.

Thanks in advance for oppinions and comments.

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i can get ya an hy35/9 off an 01/02 pretty cheap.

i wouldnt do it though. i doubt ya would notice the quicker spoolup but ya will notice the heat if ya hook to a trailer.

the truck the cheap hy is from is an 02 eth [HO] 6 speed and the orig owner, a woman who towed horses had let someone replace the hx35/12 with that little turbo and had apparently got er too warm and melted er down. three bad holes, 6 and i cant remember which others. im betting that the little turbo and heavy towing with no guages did the deed. of course eth trucks run hotter than the etc. [s.o.] i would just rebuild the hx35 and be done with it.

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Ok... I'll rebuild the turbo instead, you talked me into it.:slap:

I got dad to agree about the rebuild:ow: .

Now, who do I go with for the rebuild kit?

There is a kit on E-bay, the seller has a high rating,and does a lot of business, but are these kits cheap ( as in quality)?


Or, is there a better source?

Also, will the turbine need to be rebalanced, or will it be okay if I just mark whee the impellers are before I dissemble it? And the engine has over 250,000 miles on it.

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