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What is your trucks name?

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I know we have called our trucks different things over the years, especially when we are turnin a wrench on it. But what i want to know is what is your everyday name for it.

My pet name for her is Big Booty Judy, :cheer:

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Best trucks, had names

Could probably edit later and put faces with names...

Clifford, Big Red and if you ever have driven an NA 6.2, well, you get the Dog part. 1988 6.2 Bourbon

VeeDee, 1989 Toy 4x4 van.

Had cancer, cancer was a disease, driving him was fun, like sex... driving him was addicting, he was a van, so nicknaming him VAN-ereal disease, or VeeDee for short.. made sense.

1989 F 250 5.0/ZF, resses, he looked like a peanut butter cup sorta. right colors anyway

Trigger, White 1987 Ford Bronco, Damn I miss that truck. Ex killed him.

Bullseye, Red 1987 Ford Bronco, ever have a partner that makes you work at loving? and its worth the pain? That was Bullseye, Trig was just too easy.

(named after Toy Story's character Woody's horse)

Hidalgo 1993 F 350, ZF, IDI...

Destined to be a centurion Bronco, my second attempt at creating one, Bullseye died for the build as well, so naming him after a fictional horse that was the brunt of a mythical race, and had legendary results... it fit.

Beat the shit out of calling him My Unicorn, and I had already burned Moby Dick on another ride.

Been calling this Bronc Pepe from romancing the stone, hasn't seem to fit yet, and not keeping for long, so trying to not get too attached.

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My truck, Stealth. Looks like a farm rig when I show up at the sledpulls. Makes 700 hp :ok:

Friend has a 94 ford 6 pack long bed. Ex Oregon forest service rig. Given that color and size, calls it Shrek.

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