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change of west side dinner meet location

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change of west side meeting location discusion



some aint happy with alberto and chapalas.

we ask for food to be on the serving tabler at 6.45 and it is 7.30 b4 it is on. and then we are forced into waiting another 15 minutes for plates. service is way worse than it was and quality of food is down.

and the big topper is that they are overcharging. discusing with members on the price and the amounts didnt add up. this has gone on for a couple months i know of and i was suspicious of a couple bills previously. we dont get tickets . that means we dont see the true amount. supposed to be 10 bucks all you can eat plus 2 bucks for the drink. kids 5 bucks. he is adding some bucks in there somewhere and then he said he is taking away the kids price we agreed upon and charging full price. that is what we had agreed upon. i wish not to reward crooked peolple with our bussiness.


sizzler in nampa was one of the suggested places we can meet. plenty of group parking in the back and they will accomodate our group together if we arrange ahead of time. also when we go inside we must speak to the correct individual for our group discount.

folks i was able to speak with on the meeting location change were happy with the sizzler idea.


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Sizzler's food is definately better than Chapala's. At least it isn't nuked frozen food. Their service is usauly pretty good too.

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yes, i, along with the rest of the folks we have talked to about this think it will be the best choice. we can stick with sizzler for several months and see how it goes till folks start voting for 'change'. i was disapointed in how the food and service at chapala's has gone downhill. and the fact that he jacks the prices up drastically from what we had agreed upon right at the cash register is just crooked.

adios alberto :td:

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I can definitely say that I was not impressed with chapala's & it has been 2-3 months since I attended a dinner meet. I was enjoying the Dos Equis though! :lol:

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