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Black Dog

This is what superceded Hidalgo

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2600+- sq ft

needs light remodel:wall: :wall:$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$

signed papers and got keys at 15:30

:bouncy :bouncy :runner:

pics are a little big for attachments, will update this later with pics.

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can't buy in Nampa w/o a house warming gift from the locals...


leading the way to the attic...


Master Bedroom, pic doesn't show, but the "master suite" takes up half the basement, large bathroom, sink toilet, shower, stand alone shower, and still room for a large garden/soaker/jetted style tub... time to brush up with my old contacts at best bath, anbd get me a scratch and dent...



the other half of the basement, framed in for 3 bedrooms, and an utility room. Now to run the HVAC make sure the wiring is happy, rock and insulate (<>)


this, the new windows, the plumbing in good shape, the 12 and 14 gauge romex, the newer panel, (needs upgraded, but bnetter than 1925 era fuses, lived in a house where the family dollar now sits in Parma, that was scary....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) make it all a little less bothersome.


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wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that is gwine be nice :ok: rommy inside and looks as it has enough room for a small 2 truck capacity shop for the bomb party dj volunteered you to host. :cheer:

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If you need help with the hvac, give me a call. 869-8499. I might not be able to do anything though until it cools/slows down a little bit. Been running like hell since the heat hit us.


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BNroncman, will do, hell just line me out how many inches I need for trunk line, feed lines, return air.. will call you this weekend, sit down over rocky mountain refreshness, or a coca cola, either/or.. and hammer it out...

Now if a framer could pipe up... got some structural integrity load bearing element removal questions.

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