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i want to introduce my brotha

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916pcrepair, is the nick of my brother. I told him to join the bombers to see the fun that we have as well so as to have him see the light and finally have him get a diesel!

so show if you see him around, show him what we do!!:ok:

chris, post in here if you see it!

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I am glad to finally become part of this group that has helped my brother a lot and that has shown him the light about diesels. I was not able to reply earlier due to the heavy load of work since my lil brother left for a vacation lol, but good news somehow, I decided to part ways with the Toyota LAndcruiser and I will driving the 3500 until i get my own Cummins rig. I saw a badass 6500 in the pictures my brother took from Mexico, that would be awesome. Anyways, I will try to contribute as much as I can and I hope to hear from people in the future.



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916pcrepair, hmmm.:think: So is your brother the reason you were trying to dissuade me from Linux-Ubuntu Spike? More customers for your bro? $$$:poke:


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