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Mike Cleary

Powerstroke Diagnostics Training

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I will be in Boise to present my 8 hour 6.0L PSD Diagnostics seminar on July 25.


• Powerstroke systems operation

• Powerstroke subsystem strategies and operating systems

• How to diagnose and repair the most common fault codes

• Increase your knowledge of various electronic engine control system components

• Troubleshooting shortcuts to increase your efficiency

• Analyze actual case studies in order to become more effective with your diagnostic skills

• Technical Tips, Technical Service Bulletin Info, and other "Need To Know" Info

Dates: July 25, 2009. Class starts at 8 AM

Location: Boise State Univ; Applied Technology Bldg; Room 118

Cost: $199.00--includes a full color manual, handouts, and food

For instructor info and a registration flyer, click on this link:


Please register as soon as possible. This class is already filling up very quickly and there is limited seating available.


E-mail: mcleary@atsstraining.com [mailto]


Phone: 559-325-3546 (8 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time)

Mike Cleary

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Here is the detailed course outline:

Powerstroke System Overview

Injector operation

Fuel system operation

Turbocharger/Air Management system operation

PCM input and output functions

Electronic engine controls operation

Diagnostic strategies

Fault code determination and diagnostics

Hard Start, No Start, and Performance Diagnostics

Fuel system testing

Electronic engine control testing

Oil supply system testing

Crankcase pressure testing

Cold start system testing

Technician Tips

Repair procedures

Pattern failures

Recommended tools

Pinpoint test shortcuts

Module reprogramming procedures

Service Information

Maintenance recommendations

TSB Information

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wow that is neat!!! Yea it does look like it will be a very informative class!!!!

Lets try and get a big turnout of ITD members!!!!!! :ok:

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This does sound like a great class. I do wish I could come to it! I will just finish my diesel college course on Fri. . . . . This would be great to add in there on that other knowledge! I hope that you can do it again sometime and that I can make it!

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I dropped you an email. When you let me know about future training and any other offerings you have, if it is easier for you; just let me know if you want me to let everyone here know at the same time. I'd be glad to do that for you!

If there is anything like that I can do for you, just let me know!

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