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Updates to the Nav Bar up top.

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I added the Sponsors to the Nav Bar. It is between the User CP and FAQ.

Also the Quick Links menu now has a link to the Tips and Tricks section. I will be adding a link to the event write ups in the Quick links section, too.

I will do the write up on the Bomb party sometime this weekend.

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Ok.... More updates to the top.

There are the following links

Home takes you to the Idaho Bombers Forum Home page

Sponsors takes you to our Sponsors page. ( Sponsors i am still hunting down a good ad rotator so that we can have your ads up there in the top right)

Tips and Tricks takes you to our tips and tricks page

Events takes you to our Evens Write up section. (Yes I know I need to get the Bomb Party up there)

Bomber Chat takes you to our ALL NEW Chat room software. I will be adding a piece that will tell you who is in chat soon.

Enjoy the new look and feel, try out the new stuff.

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Nice job Tom...

I guess I better catch up with the theme idea huh??? :roll:

My stuff was all easy Mike. Just quick installs. The Nav Bar required some more work though.

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