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2005 Data Link Connector..

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Im just curious if anybody is intimate with how the Data Link Connector on the Engine Harness works on the CR motor, im going to install my Edge Juice with attitude and have to hook to it but im pretty sure my Painless harness doesnt have that connector, my old stock harness does, so what im wondering is......will the edge work without it and just not give me water temp and such...or.... what does the Data link connector provide, as i could take the one off my old harness and splice it in. Just curious, i may just end up calling Edge and see what they say...

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Your harness has a data link if you follow the wires from the fuse panel through the firewall and under the dash their should be a data link under the dash somewhere provided your mechanic pu it through the firewall as he was supposed to

The port under the dash isnt a data link, its an OBD2 port , it isnt keyed correctly to accept the Edge Data Link, that one is a 4 wire port that looks like a trailer plug, its located right above the ECM on the old harness...

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If these three pages will 'attach' (I have never done this one before.....), maybe they will help answer your question. I took them out of the '05 manual. If you need any more just let me know. Maybe we could figure out how to get you the whole manual (It's about 210 MB) if you need it.

Let me know if you can see the attachments!

05 Data pg 1.doc

05 Data pg 2.doc

05 Data pg 3.doc

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