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Bumper mount fix...

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so i hit a fawn the other night out on the stretch from blackfoot to Idaho falls, didnt scratch my bumper(if youve seen it youd know why!!) but broke the stock dodge bumper mount ear that comes off the front of the fram, its pretty weak after i looked at it, so if your lookin to beef it up, heres what i did..


cracked and bent ear^^


Full shot^^


^^^2 1/2 channel i cut down to gusett the ear, and drilled to allow the bumper bolts to go through


welded in and painted..^^


^^ if youve never seen one of these step drill bits, your missin out, these are AWESOME!!

so far so good, bumpers back on and feels stout again...:dodge

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The two round holes instead of the stupid slotted ones will be nice. I need to do the same mod two mine, last thing I hit the slots let my bumper roll back far enough that the bull bars knocked out my marker light. Then I had to loosen all 4 bolts to pull the bumper back into possition so I could get the hood open.


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When I mounted the Ranchhand bumper I also ran stiffeners out from the corner of the bumper to the bumper mounts and that seemed to tighten things up considerable. The new bumper rattled some till I did this.

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