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Truck died and wont restart-kinda long

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So, get up this morn -10, start the truck and let it warm up for a bit. Unloaded some cargo then loaded some for the return trip all the while truck is running. Pull out about 11:00 headed to Boise and the truck falls on its face, acts like a gasser that dropped 2 cyl. Go back to the house and drain the water trap, let it idle about 10 mins and it clears up, seems OK. Head out again, no problems until Horseshoe Bend hill. Just below the summit lose power, pull over and it dies, wont restart. HSB hill and I have a long history, a story for later. Anyway get it towed home, spent the last of the money I made hauling cargo, still no start. After some intense research it seems like the fuel has jelled. So Monday I am going to try the inexpensive route first and change the filter and give it a dose of 911. Any chance these symptoms could affect the LP or IP? This truck is a daily driver at the moment and I need it back on the road so any suggestions are appreciated.

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It does sound like gelling. They can loose power like that and get to where they only idle. Then of course they can go ahead and die! Sucks for sure!

The best thing would be if you can get it in where it is warm. Last time this happened to my bro, it took from about 7 or 8 AM to almost 4 PM before it would start again (Inside a 60 or 70F shop). Changing the filter may help, they usually gell in the filters first. If your filter is good and you can warm it up, that will work just fine.

911 is good for this, but you need to get it into the fuel system. Of course if the truck won't run, this is hard. You may be able to get it running again by adding an ounce or so to the filter housing... I don't know. Like I said the hard part will be getting it into the fuel system. Make sure you don't get air in your fuel system as just a little will probably keep her from starting since she is already having a hard day.....

So this begs the question that came up when my bro gelled: Where did this fuel come from and why isn't it winterized? My bro was hopping mad and could have rung someone's neck. They are supposed to mix this stuff so it will work in our area.....

Another aspect of this is I had never 'played' with any cold diesel fuel before this CHRISTmas. My father-in-law has a little tractor for plowing his driveway. It is a high tech machine (Ask us why you don't want a NorTrac......) and he can only put 1 gallon in it at a time. He ran it out and I helped him prime it again. The Jeep can was around 20F that we got the 'fill-up' out of. I was suprized how thick that diesel was! Reminded me of motor oil! Makes me wonder about having my filter back by the tank all alone......

Let us know how you get this beast going again. You have the right equipment to conquer that hill!!

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Monday, dumped a bottle of 911 in the tank while I waited out the snow. Today, in the rain, pulled the week old fuel filter off replaced with a new one filled with 50-50 mix 911 and diesel fuel, bled the injectors, hit the key and it fired. warmed for 10 min and drove down to the Chevron. Threw in a double dose of PS mixed with a bottle of Iso Heet, topped off with fuel and drove home. So far so good. Will drive a little more tomorrow and the hit the road again Thurs or Fri. Hopefully without another tow bill.

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