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alternative, alternative fuels.

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i've got some air conditioner oil. has something in it that i have been told is phermaldahyde sp. i also know nothing of what else it may have in it.

has a good fluiditity. i considered mixing with diesel for use for fuel in the 6.2.


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Not sure... have never heard of anyone talk about using it. I know that some electrical transformers have a mineral oil that can be used. Bill(broncman) might be a good one to ask what is in A/C oil.

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Yeah, it would be good to find out what you have.

There are different types of refrigerant oils. Depending on the system it was to be used in (If I remember right, it depends on the refrigerant itself), there are different formulations of the oils. Some absorb water like brake fluid does to try and protect the system. You might also need to know if the stuff has been sealed up so as to prevent acid formation from absorbing water.

If you can find out what kind of system it came from, we should be able to tell you what it is.....

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bill said

'The refrigerant oil is basically mineral oil with additives. Here is a link to some typical refrigerant oil specs. fari . The flash point is close to that of regular motor oil (190 celsius=374 F). I could'nt get a for sure answer on using it as a fuel. One thing I might be a bit worried about is it deteriorating your rubber fuel lines. '

chuck told me this stuff came from one of them big a/c units on the roof of a bakery

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