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last of the good cummins

Shift Lever Replacement (With Tow/Haul Switch)

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Shift Lever Replacement (With Tow/Haul Switch)

Removal Procedure


  1. Remove the trim covers.
  2. Roll back the seal on the shift lever (1) until the TORX head shift lever screw (2) is exposed.
  3. Remove the TORX head shift lever screw (2).
  4. Remove the knee bolster.


  1. Remove the nuts (1) from the knee bolster deflector bracket.


  1. Remove the wiring harness retaining pin (4) from the instrument panel. Notice: During removal of the steering column the wire harness retaining clip must be removed and reinstalled after installing the steering column or damage may occur to the wire harness.
  2. Remove the wire straps and open the harness insulation to gain access to the electrical wiring.
  3. Remove the wiring from the electrical connector.
  4. Remove the shift lever.

Installation Procedure


  1. Install the shift lever (1).
  2. Connect the shifter electrical connector.
  3. Install the wire straps to the harness.


  1. Install the harness retaining pin (4) to the instrument panel.


  1. Install the knee bolster deflector bracket and nuts (1).

    • Tighten the nuts to 9 Nm (80 inch lbs.) .

Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.

  1. Install the knee bolster. Refer to Knee Bolster Replacement in Instrument Panel, Gages and Console.
  2. Install the TORX head shift lever screw.

    • Tighten the screw to 20 Nm (15 ft. lbs.) .

  1. Roll the seal over the TORX head shift lever screw.
  2. Install the 2 TORX head screws to the lower column trim cover.
  3. Install the trim covers.

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