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Black Dog

confused/hard starting 7.3

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I get power to the switched parts of this solenoid n picutre, but not across,( by that I mean across from the consatnat hot large terminal to the switched large terminal that fires the Glow plugs) 3 solenoids in a row, the relay itself is less than a minth old....

Getting tired of ether to start my truck, plugs are good, harness is good.... do I keep throwing $20 solewnids att his til one magickally works? (which doesn't strike me as logical)

Or what simple "I am a dumbass for overlooking that right there" thing could I possibly be overlooking?

We could argue that the relay was bad, but... how would that prevent the solenoid from working, they aere separate entities to a point.:ford:wall:

Glow plugs are new, month old, relay came straight from Lake City, month ago, second solenoid came from shucks or AZ, 3rd relay came from an international brand relay purchased in texas... working when pulled off.

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If by trigger terminal you mean the side with the metal L bracket, yes.

here is where I am:

key off, power to large terminal A, we'll call it, (b, c, and D, D being the other large terminal, b and c being the secondary terminals), b,c, and D are cold.

Key on, b,c are hot, D is still cold.

Ground shows at plugs......

jumper wire to glow plug wire, shows power to plugs.

jumping across terminals does not create clicking, but it does send power down glow plug wire.

so... i could jump them... and then they heat.. but the question is how long do I arc them for...?

arced and cranked, and arced and cranked, and.... started with Ether today...

Bought and paid for a heater hose truck warmer today, so I will be able to plug it in at night, and keep it warmer..... between that and arcing, I will be able to get past its Ether addiction, and keep trouble shooting til it works, it used to, it can/will again.

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Glow Plug System Diagnostic Test Points41931790

Refer to the image for test lamp connections and glow plug system wiring harness test points referred to in the pinpoint tests. Perform only those services specified by the pinpoint tests.

Operation of the glow plug system is completely automatic. If, after completing a specific pinpoint test it is determined that a component must be replaced, the glow plugs should be disconnected until system has been re-checked to make sure the glow plug system works properly.

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Guess I am buying a solenoid.... everything does its job according to your diagram, and is in the right positions, except for that part where you diagram says "power to glowplugs" cause there aint none across that part of the solenoid.

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