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Big Willie

Which Brand of Glow Plug?

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I've been having issues with the truck not wanting to start if the temp is below 35 degrees, unless I plugged it in the night before. Just checked the resistance on half the cylinders and they all tested 0 ohms, didn't bother checking the rest, so i'll be having fun this weekend.

One advantage of this California model is I didn't have to unplug the harness at the back of the VC to check the resistance. Just unplugged at the GPCM and checked the appropriate colored wire for each GP.

What is the recommended brand of glow plug for the turbo 7.3 ? I've read there are some that are junk, others recommend Motorcraft only, what about Bosch?

Thoughts and recommendations ?

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Stay away from the Auto-Lites. They get hot and the tips break off in the cylinder :wall:

I use Motorcraft ones in my truck, but the Bsoch ones are just as good. And whatever you do, don't buy from the dealer. They will screw you over big time! I think the motorcraft plugs from the dealer are $24 each. I bought all 8 for ine for $60.

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Nice to know... ^ grumble bitch whine moan... granted I am IDI,but I just put autolites in, fortunatley for me, they are junk after a month (W hiskey T ango F oxtrot?) and I will be replcaing them.

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An update on what finally resolved the cold morning start problem.

After glow plugs and glow plug control module (Calif. truck) did not improve the situation, I finally decided to unplug the old Quadzilla chip that came in the truck. :wall: It was like a miracle, the truck now starts like it should.

Now if I can only get Quadzilla to flash the chip so that I have enough power to get out of my own way.

Thanks Everyone for all the advice and information.

Big Willie's new rule of truck diagnostics, unplug the chip and anything else extra first, then determine if you still have a problem.

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