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Lost My Little Car Today......

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Well, we didn't have such a great day today.........

We lost our car to a full size Ford delivery van today. It probably isn't coming back from this wreck (We got it after it got hit in the front by an inattentive driver!). I was just getting it running like I liked too.......

I'm very glad that neither my wife or two daughters were seriously hurt. Two of them got to ride in the ambulance and get poked and prodded for a while at the hospital. What fun for sure.......

At least it was a business vehicle and they should have good insurance. About time that we get to be in a wreck where the offender has some coverage (I'm still pissed about the last $10,k total damages that I got a whole $80 reimbursement total so far. It has been a couple of years; I'm not holding my breath for any more).

Anyway, here is a look see......


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Thanks all of you! (I was a little worried too. I didn't like the idea of my wife and one of my daughters being hauled away in an ambulance before I could get there!)

I'm really glad they are ok too! My poor wife will have a bad day the next couple.... Hopefully that will be the end of it for her!

(And now I have to drive a Chevy something... At least they paid for a rental! That's already an improvement over the last time: daing no insurance bums!)

You all be careful out there! It's usually the other driver you have to be paying attention for anymore!! (I can't wait until they get broadcast TV and video on all these cell phones....)

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Guest 9812VCTD

Glad your wife and kids are o.k. from that wreck......looks like that was a pretty hard hit. Hopefully the insurance get's you a new vehicle.


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