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Im Pissed!

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I was gonna stop by the dealer a couple days ago to seriously sit down & see what needs to be done to get my maxipad back, but been busy with work. I got into town today early enough today & stopped in. They sold the f***er the day before yesterday after it being there since february! I guess im going to be focusing on building the dodge now! I had a shitty day all day anyways & that just topped it off.

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just say no to liberalism.

rip off the treehugger emmision bullshit and have fun and go smoke treehuggers on their bicycles and use much less fuel while doing it with double the power.

wave :fu2: at the tree hugging lib :gay2: felchers for the rest of us right thinking white american diesel driving red necks :cheer::dodge:gmc:ford:chevy:coal:runner::bouncy

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