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Uncle Bubba

Ignition Problems

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My trucks givin me fits tryin to start it once in a while and I need to get somethin done with it before I'm stuck someplace. For quit a while now I've had key problems. Sometimes the key locks up and won't turn to start the truck. I can keep wigglin it around or turn it over and it will usually work just fine. So I know right of the bat I have a problem there I need to fix.

Tonight it started not startin when I turn the key. I can hear the selenoid click but nothin after that. I just kept doin it and eventually it caught and fired up. When it catches it fires right up, no problem there. Somethin electrical isn't makin connection here.

So is it the ignition wire bad, bad starter contacts, clutch safety switch maybe, give me some ideas.

Also since I know I need to change the ignition switch any how to's on that would be nice.

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