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Help build a list of specs for the drivetrain!

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Guys, I have an idear.......

Sometimes peeples ask what trans or gear ratio is available for a specific truck. I have a good idea of what was available for the 3rd gens but I don't really know about the other years. If you all would want to help me build a list like that, I will put it togeather and maybe after it is built, we could move it over to the tech section.

I don't know how much of it is in the VIN for different years; but, maybe that would help too.

I can start with the 3rd gens:

From '03 on they have used the AAM axles. Through '06 the only ratios available were the 3.73 and the 4.10 There was talk about some different ones becoming available after that.

If a 2nd gen had a 6 spd, it was a NV5600 (New Venture) and they used it through '05. In '06 the 6 spd manual became the G56 (GetRag).

I think the auto became the 48RE in '04 and was used as long as it was a 4 speed. In '07 the 6 spd autos came and they were either the 68RE or the Aisan.

That is a start. Add to the list as you can or correct what is posted above your post.

If the other brands want to make a list like this, please start a post in the appropriate section!


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Heres some more:

-The '03's were made with one of 4 transmissions; the NV4500 (Manual for the SO's), NV5600 (HO's manual), 47RE (For the first half of '03 SO's) and 48RE in second half of the '03 production year.

-SO 3/4 tons with a 47RE had an AAM 10.5" rear axle. 3500 SO's have 11.5" AAM rear axles.

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good idea :thumbup:

g56 is a mercedes trans. 1st used in 05.5 trucks starting on or about jan 05

aissan sp trans was offered strting in 07 model C&C. 68rfe started w/ 07.5 pickup bed models. both these 6 speed autos are behind the 6.7.

nv5600 started in limitd quanities w/ 99 my. nv4500 was [rare] available inthe last batch of 1st gens and offered thru all the 2nd gens and th 03 so trucks

1st gen rears were dana 70's. 2g 2500s were 70 auto, 80 manual. 3500s were 80s. the 80s they used were hybrids, meaning 80s at the pumpkin and 70 from there to the wheel

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The 48RE was an exclusive 5.9 tranny, likewise the 68RE is exclusivly used on 6.7's.

48RE 2.45, 1.45, 1.0, .69

68RFE 3.23, 1.84, 1.41, 1.00, .82, .63

The early 05's had plastic intercoolers (went to metal when the G56 was a change)

NV5600 5.63, 3.38, 2.04, 1.39, 1.0, .73, 5.63

G56 (05.5-07)6.29, 3.48, 2.10, 1.38, 1.0, .79, 5.74

G56R (07.25-curr)5.94, 3.28, 1.98, 1.31, 1.00, .74 (rare find on a 5.9)

NV5600 uses a solid flywheel, G56's use a dual mass flywheel.

On a 2500 you could not get a G56 with 4.10's, since the final drive of a G56 with 3.73's is similar to the NV5600 with 4.10's.

Starting in 2008 you can get 3.42, 3.73, and 4.10's. Each rise (numerically) gives you an additional 1K in tow ratings.

Front Axle AAM 9.25" Ratios available. 3.42, 3.73, 4.10; diffs available: open, e-locker (5200# GAWR)

Rear Axle AAM 10.5" Ratios available. 3.42, 3.73, 4.10; diffs available: open, LSD/e-locker, LSD (6150# GAWR)

Rear Axle AAM 11.5" Ratios available. 3.42, 3.73, 4.10; diffs available: open, LSD (6200# SRW, 9350# DRW)

Here is a handy guide

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