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Way Fat Guys and Ladders Dont Mix

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ok this guy i work with is a complete idiot.... to paint a picture of him he is about 6'3" at least 350 AT LEAST.

so anyway my boss tells him to paint an eve on the one condo...

so he goes and gets the 6 ft step ladder. BTW max weight on this ladder is 250

so he is up painting and this unit that he is paintin is on a slight incline and the ladder shifts and he falls off....

he doesnt think anything of it and puts it back up and less than 2 minutes later it starts to fall so he bails off this time and F's his ankle up. instead of tellin the boss he goes and gets the extension ladder to finish up his job, and leaves the ladder on the rubber pads instead of putting the metal spikes in the grass and this time slides out from under him.

he refuses workmans comp.... so bout a week later his ankle is killin him so he goes to the doc..... his ankle is broke and a bunch of ligaments are torn.... needless to say he isnt allowed on ladders anymore!!! :D

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Guest ShanesLB7
Hes lucky BigDan97s dad ist his boss, when i was workin on his construction site...he told me if i fell off the ladder id be fired before i hit the ground!!:train:

THat's exactly what I tell my employees!!:cheer:

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