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6.0 Intercooler install on a 7.3. Superduty.

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I just did the 6.0 intercooler swap on my early 99. The install took about two and a half hours and other then a clamp issue the install went very good. I did a few test runs prior to the swap to get a EGT reading at WOT , pre and post install. I am seeing a reduction of my egt at wot of about 100 degrees +/-. That makes this mod a very worthwhile mod.

Parts needed

1. 6.0 intercooler. #4C346K775 BCA

2. 3.25" X 3" X 8" Intercooler_transition_hose.

3. 3" X 3" X 8" Intercooler_hose_coupler.

4. 3.25" boot clamp # 6C3Z-6K786-EA

5. 3" boot clamp X 3 pieces #1C3Z-6K786-CA

6. Push pins #N806113-S

Tools needed

1. Metric socket set with extensions.

2. Small pry bar.

3. Rubber mallet.

4. Coffee can.

5. 6 Rags.

6. Beer holder.

Install Procedure

1. Remove the rubber upper radiator air deflector. You will destroy the push pins. Be careful with the pins located on the plastic grill as you don't want to crack it.

2. Remove radiator support bolts and grille opening support bolts. 7 bolts / 8mm socket.


3. Remove jack handles and set aside, remove coolant reservoir coolant retaining bolts. 4 bolts / 8mm socket. Do not remove coolant reservoir, this step just makes it easier to install passenger side intercooler boot later.

4. Remove battery cable from radiator support beam. inspect cable for worn spots. leave loose. 3 grey push pins/ these will remain on cable.

5. Remove intercooler retaining bolts. 2 bolts / 10mm deep socket.


6. Remove air deflector push pins that are attached to radiator support beam.

7. Remove radiator support beam. Once bolts are out use small pry bar to lift up driver side of the radiator support beam. It will take a bit of wiggling and a couple of swear words but she will come out. 12 bolts, six each side. 4 bolts / 8mm, 8 bolts 13mm.



8. Loosen upper intercooler pipe boot clamps and pop out pipes from upper boots. 2 clamps / 1 each side.

9. remove plastic air induction piece from battery box. Will come off with some wiggleing.

10. Loosen intercooler and lower intercooler pipe clamps. 4 clamps / 2 each side.

11. Remove intercooler boots from intercooler.

12. Remove 7.3 intercooler. Lift straight up, air conditioning lines may have to move a bit but she will come out.

13. Remove lower intercooler boots and clamps. 2 boots / 1 each side, 4 clamps/ 2 each side.

14. Inspect front of radiator. If it needs some cleaning place rags in intercooler pipes prior to cleaing with air and or water.

15. Place new intercooler boots on intercooler pipes with clamps loosened. the 4 clamps should be positioned so that the nuts will be on the engine side of the boot, not the fender side, it will make it much easier to tighten em' down.

16. Place 6.0 intercooler in position, make sure it is not resting on tranny cooler.

Automatic owners may have to relocate tranny cooler an inch or so.


17. Reverse order of install, EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING. Leave boots and clamps loose until everything else is complete.

18. Remove rags from intercooler pipes. Do a rag count now.

19. Place intercooler boots on intercooler and tighten clamps. 2 clamps / 1 each side.

20. Replace upper end intercooler pipe back into boots, adjust for clearance and tighten clamps. 2 clamps / 1 each side.

21. Tighten lower pipe boot clamps. 2 clamps / 1 each side.

You are done! Fire her up and take her for a test spin. Make sure you take your tools with you in case you need to re-tighten a boot clamp, don't ask.

6.0 intercooler on left, 7.3 intercooler on right.


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Nice job Jeff. Sounded like you were happy with the improvements. It actually a pretty simple swap isn't it.

The swap is very easy. If it wasn't for the pictures and notes I was taking and the radiator cleaning it probably would of taken me about a good hour and change to do it.

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The swap is very easy. If it wasn't for the pictures and notes I was taking and the radiator cleaning it probably would of taken me about a good hour and change to do it.

I tried this on my '02. It wont fit. after some research, most if not all? of the 2002 and 2003 trucks don't have room for an aftermarket intercooler. the trans cooler inlet and outlet lines/tubes on many of these trucks exit the cooler on the top and to one side. they won't allow a larger intercooler to drop down. I will look to drop in an aftermarket trans cooler next (one with tubes on the bottom or not to one side). then, install the 6.0L intercooler.


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It can be done, did it in both my trucks. Just need to change the lines on the trans cooler. That's easy.

considering ease of install and larger/better cooling, what trans cooler would you recommend I install in my '02? thank you.

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I had the same issue with my 7.3 to 6.0 upgrade. The trans cooler lines, one was flexible and the other welded solid at an angle that stuck into the intercooler.

My solution was to upgrade to the 6.0 trans cooler from the auto recycler (junk yard-$35). The 6.0 trans cooler lines exit straight down from the bottom rather than at an angle at the top. There are at least two varieties, either one is three or more times the size of the 7.3 version.

The only gotcha to a mindless install is the tubing size.

In non-technical terms..... The 7.3 uses 5/16' tubing and the 6.0 is 1/2". to adapt one to the other you need about 4-6 feet of 1/2" trans hose (not cheap -6 feet cost me $24) and four brass fittings (cheap, less than $5 for all four). You need two fittings with 1/2" hose barbed on one end and male/female something on the other, then two 5/16" hose barbed with the corresponding male/female something on the other end. I don't remember the size, its just important that they match. I got all mine at Andy's Supply off of 27th and Idaho, nice people and helpful for the less than technically savy. They said you don't need any pipe dope or tape on the brass fittings, blah, blah... but mine leaked without any pressure on the system. So I yellow pipe taped carefully to make sure there was no chance for getting tape into the transmission.

After that it was so simple even I could do it. The 6.0 bolts into the same location using the same bolts, run the lines down and out to the passenger side, splice into the existing 5/16" lines and you are cooler than you ever thought possible, a good thing for transmissions I understand.

Side note on the trans temp gauge on the dash. Mine seems to jump to the normal position within a couple of minutes and never moves, summer or winter, load or no load. I wonder if it really is a gauge or just an analog idiot light? I have an old Explorer and what I read on the forums, it's oil pressure gauge really only indicates the existance of pressure, not really any specific amount.

Remember the 6.0 has a much larger capacity than the 7.3 transcooler so you will probably need to add a couple quarts of tranny fluid. If you don't have one of those little transmission filters already installed, now would be a good time for that as well.

Good luck, let me know if you have any other questions.

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