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Trannie question

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My OD light has been flashing so today i had the codes pulled and the code that came up was a rear speed sensor...they said it was the one on the back of the trannie...is there another name for this sensor because every time i look for one to purchase on the net it brings up the one on the top of the rear diff which i just replaced to fix the ABS light.

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I think it would be the one on the transfercase.
I've had the VSS replaced numerous times (some under warranty) and am still getting the P0500 code.

This sensor on the transfer case, can you tell me exactly where it is located? I'm a disabled vet and have hardware in my lower spine. The less time spent on my back, the better for me.

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Well i replaced the sensor on the transfer case kinda tough to get to but not that bad once i found the damn thing...It is located on the drivers side towardsw the tail of the trannie on the top. Thats where it was on mine anyways, ive heard that its not on the top on all trucks, some are located on the side.

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