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Having trouble looking at your log files?

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Have you ever tried to look at a log and had a bunch of junk info that made no sense or had a dashboard page that looked weird like the pictures below?



I posted a question about this issue on EFI's website and got the following response:

Hi Josh,

This is the "screen full of notes" problem that has been seen a few times.

I can reproduce this at will by having a "VNC Viewer" window running when I open a new log file. VNC Viewer is a open-source remote desktop application and not part of EFILive. I can sometimes get the problem to occur with other applications as well and once it seemed to be related to having the Tune tool open in the background ( though I can't confirm this one ).

To enable you to open the log file cleanly, have a look at what other applications are running. Shut them down one at a time, attempting to open the log file after each one. Eventually you should get a clean opening of the file, then note which application was the one that you close last. It's possible that this was the one causing an issue.

Personally I think it's got something to do with how other applications and EFILive hook into certain video drivers. But the support guys will know a lot more about it than me......


I hit ctrl+alt+delete to open the task manager and clicked on the processes tab to see what was running in the background. I looked through and saw an open office process that was running. I shut it off and my problem went away. Hopefully the advice Simon gives above will help you out if you are having a similar problem.

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