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Sps62 Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!!

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So i bolted up the ol' SPS62 tonight. All i can say is WOW!!!! That sucker pulls strong!! Now if my stupid head would ever get hear i could get it to stop blowing water out the overflow bottle:wall: I think I need to put some more fuel to it though cuz it runs alittle warm, (i have my 100 plate in the middle) not sure of a boost # though cuz I have a POS autometer that moves SLLLLOOOWWWW!!!! Which way do i turn the screw on the boost elbow for more boost?

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clockwise on the boost elbow to get more boost.If you screw it all the way in, that will pretty much shut the waste gate off.

I'd run it at 40psi at most without headstuds though. I need to adjust mine tomorrow after I get the truck going, only hits 30psi right now.

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