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Uncle Bubba

OK Time To Get To All These Problems

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Now that the trip from hell is over I have the recovery process to get to. I am looking for advice, writeups and opinions on all of it so jump in.

1. Half way home I noticed that my boost would hold at 10psi unless I really climbed on it. My typical is to fluctuate between 10 and 20 psi pulling this trailer down the highway.

2. About the same time I found that I was 1 1/2qt's low on oil. I have never been low on oil in this truck. This truck is magic, it has always leaked oil but never get's low. The oil pressure guage also goes down when I let off the go pedal.

3. I am planning on pulling the radiator, intercooler, gear cover, power steering pump and vaccuum pump off the truck for a thourogh going over.

Vaccuum pump needs to be rebuilt, steering and brakes work fine but it leaks oil all over the place.

Wanna check the KDP for the updated cover.

Gonna have the radiator boiled out.

Install new intercooler boots.

4. Install Lukes Links.

5. Can I install a new cam and head without pulling the whole motor by pulling all this front end?

Don't know how to do any of this, and can't afford a shop, so jump in here folks.

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man you got a list as far as the cam with all that stuff you are taking off the cam will be easy you have to pull the valve cover off and pull the rocker arms off and pull the push rods out you can use the dowl method to pull up the tappets up or remove the access panle on the drivers side of the block and pull the tappets up and use hose clamps to hold em up then remove the cam and install one with the gear for the mechanical lp but that can be spendy any one else have any more thoughts on this

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Guest Mopar1973Man

1. Sound about normal for pulling a trailer depending on hills and slopes...

2. As for the oil leaks I would power wash the engine down good and find the source of the leaks and get them repaired before you have a major leak. As for the pressure dropping how far??? MIN PRESSURE: 15 PSI according to the 2002 owners manual...

3.You might find the face of the radiator is dirty from the puke bottle too. Which you have the intercooler out have it pressure tested. Like said above you should fix these problems quick before you have a major problem. It would be a good idea to double check the KDP. If you where changing you coolant at 36K miles like the owner manual requires you would have to boil it out. Mine like factory fresh and clean come up on 100K miles.

4. No comment...

5. As far as I know you can pull the lifter by using a sharpen dowels and lift them off the cam. But everything in the front has to come out to make room for this. I never done it but I read a few that have done it...

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