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Crankshaft caution on 6.0

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The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding crankshaft removal for 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L VIN P diesel engines. This information should be considered any time service work is related to the crankshaft, including clutch and transmission work.

This engine uses additional components for the crankshaft assembly. Those components are; a flywheel front adapter, located between the flywheel/flexplate and crankshaft as well as a separate bolt-on rear flange. The rear flange should never be removed from the crankshaft. This rear flanged is secured to the crankshaft by six mounting bolts and also provides a concentric rear main seal surface for the seal. If the flange is removed, the orientation will be upset and re-establishing it correctly may not be possible by simply bolting it up.

An incorrectly installed rear flange piece will be off the center-line of the crankshaft, which will increase flywheel round out and cause engine vibration. Other complications may include oil leakage, seal damage and possible transmission front bushing wear.

The rear flange is part of the crankshaft manufacturing process and not intended for service replacement.

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