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what color to paint truck

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This december i am going to be repainting the truck another color, I was thinking a color that you do not see on a truck, or something different, me and my father in law will be doing it so only limits are the design cant be air brushed stuff, here is a pic of my last truck we painted, I am thinking about the blue color as base then black in some design ontop of it and rhino lining the bottom of the doors and beds, what ideas do you guys have on designs and colors let me, i will post the pic of the other truck in a sec cant find it right now

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you dont see very many trucks painted orange either, that looks pretty good

There is a new orange chevy duramax lifted, running around town, and i must say it does look good. :rockin:

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How about some kind of two tone set up where you paint the hood, top of the cab and inside/top of the bed one color and the rest of the truck another color?

Something like the Harley Davidson paint scheme on the Ford trucks:


At first I didn't care for those particular colors, but it has grown on me.

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