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Dex Cool Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

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If you all haven't heard about this, I wanted to make sure you did! The link explains the particulars. Basically you have until 27 Oct '08 to submit a claim to be a part of the class action lawsuit to be reimbursed for cooling system repairs caused by Dex Cool. Hope this info helps.


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I was thinking about draining it all out of my truck and flush it then put the green back in,is this a good idea or should the dex go back in?

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A guy I work with was trying to get me to drain it out of my Dodge. He was telling me all the horror stories about the stuff. I didn't believe him until he talked me into 'googling' something like "Dex Cool Class Action Lawsuit" or what ever it was.... I did and it came up with too many hits to read! So I started to read about the 'orange' stuff. From what I remember, Dex Cool is an OAT coolant. It stands for Organic Acid Technology. My Dodge has an HOAT coolant (a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolant). From what I could find the HOAT hasn't had any problems. Supposedly the HOAT will not cause any problems that DexCool seems to be causing as it is different chemically.

Poor Ford doesn't know which to use for coolant; so they use both. Since you can't tell by the color, you won't know what your engine has by just looking.

There are some alternatives out there. I really like the 'looks' of the FleetGuard extended drain coolant. That is probably what I will switch all my vehicles over to. I have always used the 'green' stuff and never thought anything of it. My son has an '85 Dodge with a 318. When we got it and put in a block heater, the system was so full of crap that I didn't think we would ever get it clean. The sludge build up was unreal. I was cussing the previous owners when a guy I work with told me his was the same way. He bought just about the same pickup new and had faithfully changed his coolant. He had to have the freeze plugs replaced because they rusted through and started leaking. He also had the terrible build up of sludge..... So, it makes me wonder if there isn't something better......

Here is FleetGuards:


Here is Chevron's:


My $.02 would be to SWITCH! I don't really know which one to recommend; but, I really like FleetGuard and Chevron's products. Hopefully either one would be a real good choice. I would also recommend a real good flush when you do the change over.


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I used to use the green antifreeze, but seems that the yellow "universal" is the most common now. I just get the Super Tech stuff and a gallon of distilled water.

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