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Turbo removea and up pipe removal is a pretty good time.

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Took me 2 hours last night to remove all that stuff. I am working on a early 03 6.0L, the up pipe was broke almost in half on the right bank. I do like the up pipe design better than the 7.3L.

This morning is install time, new Y-pipe assembly and a new EGR valve. This truck has 150 k on it by the way. The truck has a new turbo on it and i would bet money the Y- Pipe was the problem ...only they missed it.

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I do some side work here and there....i do more when i really need something...like fixing my tranny...LOL

Well i got it all finished, it went pretty smooth actually. After you tear into them the 6.0 is not as bad as they look . The truck runs 100% better with the turbo getting all the drive pressure.

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Good deal. Makes you want a 6.0 now don't it????

Big negative...all i'm saying is, i don't think they are too bad after some improvements that can be done.

Thomas's 6.0 runs like a cat that has had turpentine brushed on it's rearend..:nana:

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