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Different brands of Flat beds

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Here is the situation,

I will be buying a TT this spring and I will need a way to haul two ATV's.

Toy haulers are out of my price range, and don't want to pull doubles so that leaves me with two options that I know of.

1 a deck in the bed

2 a flat bed.

Right now I would just like to see different configuration. And by the way I'm looking for something around 1K.

If any of you have suggestions or web pages that I could take a look at, that would be great. For some reason my search engine just isn't turning anything up for me. I take that back I did find one for 12K :lol:

Thanks in advance!!!

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yep,,, a flatbed is the way to go for several reasons. love mine and i usually put a flatbed on all my rigs

brian / D unit92 speacilaizes on flatbeds at his shop. im sure he can help ya out

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just another thought extreme motor sports out by the freeway is having a sale right now on their slide in decks that ypu put in the back of your pickup to haul 4 wheelers

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