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Differential and Transfercase oil change

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Front differential

Whats needed

3/8" or 1/2" ratchet

13mm & 15mm sockets(if your changing the vent that is a 24mm deep socket)

drain pan

2 qts. 75w-90 gear oil

hand pump

white vent cap part #12479390(if you have a 01-02 & switching to synthetic)

Start off by removing the (front diff. skid plate if equipped, 4-15mm bolts)

fill plug(15mm) & then remove the drain plug(13mm) let the old fluid drain for a few minutes. Make sure to clean off the magnet on the drain plug. If your changing the vent plug nows a great time to do it, disconnect the vent hose & whatever way you can get in there with a socket(24mm) on it & turn the ratchet. Install new vent, reattach hose.

Put the drain plug back in & add the approx. 2 qts. into the fill hole with the hand pump, install fill plug (& bolt skidplate back up if equipped). Check every 5,000 miles.

Rear Differential

Whats needed

15mm socket

3/8" ratchet

drain pan

4 qts. 75w-90 gear oil

hand pump

Remove the fill plug(15mm) then the drain plug(3/8" ratchet) drain the fluid, Im not sure if the drain plug has a magnet or the metal dust just accumulates there, clean any debris off.

Reinstall drain plug, add 4qts.(roughly) gear oil into the fill hole with hand pump, fluid should be around 1/2" below fill hole, install fill plug. Check every 5,000 miles

Transfer Case

Whats needed

3/8" or 1/2" ratchet

18mm socket & 19mm deep socket

18mm standard or ratcheting wrench

2 qts. Dex3 or Transynd or Torquedrive ATF(standard way)

3 qts. 5w-30 oil(new method)

drain pan

hand pump

pipe sealant or teflon tape

Standard method

Remove fill plug(18mm) remove drain plug(18mm wrench) drain fluid

Apply pipe sealant or teflon tape to the drain plug & install,

add 2qts into fill hole with hand pump, apply sealant on fill plug & install

New method use standard method & then this

Unclip & disconnect the plug from the sensor on top of the case & removed the sensor(19mm deep) add 1 qt into sensor hole. Install sensor, connect the plug. Check every 5,000 miles.

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