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Tired, didn't know what else to title it as.

1990 Turbo, runs okay.

Issue number one: slow starting, like the pickup/transfer pump is out, except it wasn't made with one.

Issue number two: When I apply the brakes, the motor falls off to 100 rpm or so, then bounces back up.

Issue number three, turbo is hesitant to spool.

Replaced fuel filter, and plugs; unimpeded fuel delivery and proper spark for optimum combustion were my thoughts there.

When I bought the car, it would only spool to 25 or 30%, of the boost gauge, and then flatten out. If WOT, then you would peak at 4,00 rpm,(where the flt spot of boost would arrive, almost like the wastegate was opening up and dumping every-fawking-thing!) and as you kept it loaded, it would actually drop rpms, if you eased into the throttle, and kept the boost below the magickal number of death, you could redline, and if you were in nuetral, you could bounce it off the rev limiter all day long.

Re-routed some vacuum, lines that I didn't like the looks of, and now I can boost to 2/3 of the gauge, and the flat spot is not as pronounced, and not always there, if it surfaces, it's usually only in second and third; 4th and fifth, I don't have enough load on the motor, that it can't surface, maybe?

ANy ideas...? welcomed, greatly...

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