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Anybody know how to turn the odometer back?Reason is I bought me an 84 dodge crewcab that is in mph and miles,i want to take the cluster from my 92 which is kilometers and put it in the crewcab,but the odometer reading on the 92 is 495000 kilometers and the crewcab only has 250000 kilometers on it.I know up here it is illegal to roll back or tamper with the reading on the odometer but i would like to at least have the correct reading on the truck the the cluster is in.

Any help/info would be apprecited.


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I tried to do that on an 85 S10 Blazer I had when I replaced the odometer and never figured out how to without breaking it. I just wrote down the actual mileage and the mileage on the new one and figured it out from there for oil changes, etc.

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'They' always talk about how illegal and punishable it is...... But, just try to get the DMV to include the odometer reading on the title of an 'exempt' vehicle. I couldn't get it done. So, if it's exempt; who cares what it says or if it's been rolled back?

I'm with Nate on this one: it is extremely hard to do without breaking it. I do believe that if you were careful enough, you could take it apart enough to be able to change the odometer to what you want. It would involve disassembling the housing to where you could get the wheels turned to where you want them, and then reassembling it.

If you weren't in a very big hurry for it (and if you were understanding if I did break it even though I would try very hard not to) I would be willing to try to tackle it for you. So far, I have had very good luck working on instrument clusters. Last one I messed with was my dads '98 Crown Vic speedo. It was hanging up around 60 mph. Electric anolog gauge pointers are hung by the smallest of wires! I can't believe I got away with it....

Currently I work with a guy who is very good with small things (He retired from the U.S. Navy as an optical repairman). So, who knows, if you wanted to send it down; I might be able to get it around to where you want. (Oh, and since I am not a 'pro', and there is the possiblility of brakage, there wouldn't be any charge what so ever).

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