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1st Gen Fuel Screw mod

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Originally posted by D/Unit

This is for the guys with the later model 1st Gens, who turn their full power screw in till it bottoms out on the threads, and still don't get the max amount of power that is available. (Must have a welder to do this or know someone who does) You do not need to remove the factory collar from screw

WARNING: This is just a tip, I am not responsible for any mishaps. Don't do this unless you feel very comfortable doing it, I've done this to quite a few trucks with very good results.

  1. Remove the fuel screw from the pump. Place a drain pan on floor to catch fuel that leaks out of fuel screw hole) also note about how far the screw was turn in for reference when reinstalling.
  2. Weld a small amount of material to the end of the screw that goes into pump. An 1/8 of an inch, a little more is fine. Be careful not to have the welder settings to high as you will burn the end of it right off.
  3. Take screw to a bench grinder and grind a taper on the sides and a radius on the end. Then polish as much as possible with a wire wheel.
  4. Install the fuel screw a few turns back from where it was originally positioned.
  5. Start the engine, the RPMs should be about, or lower, than the previous settings. Turn the fuel screw in until the RPMs are normal.
  6. Loosen the idle screw jam nut and back idle down to about 500-600 RPMs.
  7. Turn the fuel screw in until the RPMs start to increase to about 900-1000 RPMs.
    IMPORTANT: Remove the intake tube from turbo and have a 2x6 ready in case you get a runaway. If this happens choke the air coming into turbo with 2x6 and the engine will die.
  8. Manually increase the RPMs to about 1800-2000. You want to keep turning the fuel screw in small increments and revving the engine to 1800 or so until the RPMs start to come down kind of slow from the higher RPM. Once the RPMs start to come down slow, back off the fuel screw until it drops down to idle normally.
  9. Tighten jam nut on the fuel screw and set the idle to normal. Tighten jam nut and that should be it.

Here is a before and after picture


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