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Guest Mopar1973Man

This is a normal condition of the Cummins Engine. When you start the engine the GRID HEATER run after its started to help in warming up the engine. It helps reduce the white smoke produced by cold intake air and low combustion temps. This is similar to glow plugs but the grid heater is before the intake manifold...

GRID HEATER tend to draw large amounts of amperage. So every time the grid heater comes on the lights will dim and the voltage on the gauge will fail. If left to idle it will take about 5-7 minutes for it to stop. If you start rolling it will stop at about 20-25 MPH. To help reduce this load you can turn on you exhaust brake and this will reduce the amount of time the grid heater run.

Grid heater normally come on when the IAT sensor sees temps less than about 60*F.

So this is a normal thing to see for the winter time don't lket it worry you... :thumbup:

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