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fuel guage float.

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Tell me what you think-- I am rebuilding a flatbed for my 97 and have the box off now and it will be off for a couple of weeks while we do all the mounts and such as well as wait for it to get back from powdercoat-- my question is I have seen that when I fill the fuel tank it dosen't read full (more like 3/4 full) and I have read about problems with senders and floats and it would be a snap now to change the float was wondering if someone knew where I could get and about how much a new unit would cost,Thanks


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you can get it streight from dodge for over $100, Napa for about $80 or just get a universal sender from shucks for $15, thats what i did. took the stock sending unit off and bolted the new universal one on and its acurate as hell now when its full it actually says full. but make sure you get a 240ohmfull/33ohm empty sending unit

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