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WTH??? And it's from Idaho!!!

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Only way it could have been even more different was if it was a 4x4.

6.9 liter (417c.i) V-8 with 250HP in U.S. trim. 285HP in outside of U.S. trim. The car had a claimed top speed of 140mph, but several road testers of the day saw 150+. Just horrible to see this done to a car that only 1800 were ever imported into the US. Oh one last thing, a 1978 version of this car sold for $44,000 NEW!!!!!! The last year they were available in 1981 you could roll one off the lot for a mere $53,000.

The version before this car was a 300SEL with a 6.3 liter V-8. The car weighed in at more than 4,000lbs and would get to 60mph in just a hair over 7 seconds. From the factory it would run the 1/4 mile in 14.25 @ 95mph. Not bad for a luxury car. Hell not bad for a SPORTS car let alone a 4 door sedan in the mid 70's period. (just for a point of reference: 1973 Corvette 454ci 0 to 60: 6.4 ---- 1/4 mile:14.6)

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