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Fuel Heater

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Got a question for you Ford boys do you know what it takes to change out the fuel heater on a 96 that is on the side of the filter i guess this is where it is located???? Any input on this would be much appreciated. My buddy popped his glowplug fuse thus causing his pickup to die we jumped it with a copper wire to get it running and I have heard that this will happen when the heater shorts out???:confused: :confused:

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Im pretty sure that all its gonna take is drain the bowl, and undo it, just be gentle the bowl can be uh, a little funny sometimes, they can be kind of fragile.

If you need to pull the center black plastic stand its LEFT HANDED THREAD and youll need a crows foot wrench.

Keep us updated on how it goes

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to fix that you can get "flux" clean those three discs off, then re solder the wire back in place, but it has to be really clean.

I thought maybe talkin about the electrical connection on the bowl wall

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Fuel bowl heater replacement

1. Drain fuel bowl, place catch basin below drain tube to catch fuel.

2. Unplug fuel bowl heater from back of fuel bowl.

3. Remove fuel filter cap.


4. Take out the two screws with a T-20 torx driver. I think the OBS uses a 3/4" left hand thread. The stand pipe has a spring under it and should push up a little.


5. Gentlely lift up exposing connection.


6. Unplug connection, and remove.

7. Clean fuel bowl as the bottom will look fugly.

8. Reverse order using a new heater element #F81Z-9J294-AA, and your done! Should replace the fuel filter with your favorite choice. :thumbup:

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Bona Sera Pisan,

Soundsa like you gotta tech article, there. Gratzi.


Boy did I butcher the itallian language. My apologies. Seriously, Jeff. Is this written up in the Tech section? We have a Tech section, don't we?

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