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I got the transmission in today and it wouldnt shift out of gear,so we pulled and pushed on the cable on the side of the trans and it finaly came out of park, it goes threw all of the gears but it is way harder then befor and I can not pull the shifter down in to 1st gear,but when I drive it,it shifts threw all the gears and shifts great,the oil level when hot is a 1/4 of the way up on the hot reading.

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Is there a tie up with the gear lever on the out side? Disconnect the cable and see if it shift fine using a wrench. May be bolted on upside down and just wrong.

First troubleshooting is to isolate the problem.

Remove the shift cable from the tranny. See if you can manually shift the trans(sounds like you can) if so, you have a cable or a NBSU switch adjustment problem.

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