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Guest Mopar1973Man

Edge Comp Bug Found!

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Guest Mopar1973Man

Well Gang I found a bug in the Edge Comp box... What is happen is other lower levels affecting the power to adjoining levels. Let me tell you what is happening... Set level 4 for Sub level of 1 (4x1). Then Switch to 5x5 and the power is reduced. No smoke and little acceleration. But if you bump level 4 back up to sub level 4 or 5 then the smoke rolls good on level 5x5. What I'm asking is someone else to confirm this finding with there Edge Comp by setting up the same parameters and test for me. I think this is every strange... I wanted to setup on 4x1 for running around and be able to jump to 5x5 for passing power or playtime without changing a bunch but it don't work the 4x1 setting is affecting the 5x5 setting...

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